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Whey protein, what is it?

Whey protein, what is it?

What is «whey»? Protein powder should not be viewed as dangerous or unnatural. It is only whey from which water, fat and its sugar (lactose) have been removed. Only a powder remains.

In the process of cheese, the milk is separated into two components: the curd, which will become the cheese (casein and fats) and the whey in which we find lactose (75%), soluble whey proteins (10% ), vitamins and minerals. The whey, called lactoserum , is then freed from lactose, filtered and dehydrated into a powder: whey!

Whey supplements fall into two types: isolates which are over 80% protein (virtually lactose and fat free), and concentrates which are around 65-80% protein. The latter are the most used in whey preparations, but are less purified and contain a little lactose and fat.


Whey Protein Concentrate

All Natural Whey Protein Isolate 

This "fast" protein of high nutritional value, rich in BCAAs, has an "anabolic" effect, promoting muscle development and physical performance for all sports activities. It also has interesting health properties, not just for the muscles! In general, it is recommended to consume 1.5 to 2 g per Kg of lean mass, (140 g for a 70 kg athlete) when we practice intensive bodybuilding.

This is also applicable for a beginner and even intermediate level practitioner. Important to choose good quality solid or powdered food protein sources. For anyone who does sports, especially bodybuilding, it is advisable to take a protein concentrate after training.

The benefits, in terms of muscle mass gains and post-workout recovery, are greater than when consumed at times further away from training. This does not mean that you should only take protein twice a day. It all depends on your nutritional needs and the intensity of the workout.

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