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Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

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Nutritional informations

INGREDIENTS (per Capsule)

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 45% Saponins (Standardized Extract): 750 MG


Brown rice powder, Gelatin


  • Natural Hormone Health Support: Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris helps improve hormone health in a natural way, assisting in regulating specific hormones in the body.

  • Muscle Building Support: By maintaining a proper hormone balance, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris creates an optimal environment for muscle growth, leading to better muscle development and increased muscle mass.

  • Improved Nitric Oxide Release: The supplement enhances Nitric Oxide release, resulting in improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles. This leads to harder weight training, making it beneficial for bodybuilding and strength sports.

  • Safe and Effective: Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris offers a natural approach to supporting hormone health, providing a safe and effective alternative to synthetic hormone supplementation.

  • Sexual Health Support: The supplement supports sexual health in men, addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

  • Lean and Defined Muscle Sculpting: Studies suggest that Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can contribute to leaner and more defined muscle sculpting when hormones are properly balanced.

  • Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis: Hormone regulation promoted by Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can enhance muscle protein synthesis, resulting in better muscle gains from training efforts.

  • Enhanced Power and Strength: By improving hormone health, the supplement can contribute to increased muscle mass, strength, and overall power.

  • Reduced Fatigue and Improved Endurance: The potency of Saponins in Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris helps reduce fatigue over time, allowing for improved endurance during training and competitions.

Recommended use & Warnings


1 Capsule of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris


Take up to 3 capsules daily as needed; ideally 1 capsule four hours after awakening and 2 capsules in the afternoon.



Our Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a supplement you should take every day for maximum benefit. The time of day isn’t critical from all we have found. Your results could improve by taking this product in the morning as opposed to the evening so feel free to experiment. Take it at a particular time of day for a month or more, and then change the timing if you choose to compare results.



A – Yes. Dosage cycles haven’t been developed that indicate they are more beneficial than daily use. Experiment with the timing of your intake however, to see if you notice any difference.



A – This is generally regarded as the maximum dosage. No studies have been done as to more being better so your judgment is your guide here. Without adequate research results, we can’t recommend higher doses and claim your performance will improve.

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Introducing ProteinCo's Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris: Your Natural Hormone Health Support

Unlock the power of natural hormone balance and take your fitness journey to new heights with ProteinCo's Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Designed to optimize your hormone health, this pure and natural supplement offers a host of benefits that can enhance your muscle-building efforts and overall well-being.

At the core of our Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is its impressive 750 mg of hormone health supporting power per capsule. Harnessing the potency of 45% Saponins, this superior form of Tribulus supplement works in harmony with your body to regulate specific hormones naturally. By providing the essential support your hormones need, you can create an ideal muscle-building state and unlock your body's true potential.

But the benefits don't stop there. Our Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris goes the extra mile by improving Nitric Oxide release, acting as a powerful NO2 pump during your training sessions. Experience harder weight training, whether you're into bodybuilding or strength sports, while maximizing the results from your workouts through proper hormone support.

By incorporating Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris into your regimen, you can achieve a range of supported goals. For those aiming to build lean muscle mass, our supplement helps improve hormone health for increased muscle building. Experience better gains, increased muscle mass, and a more defined physique. And it's not just for men; females looking to build a more masculine muscle mass can also benefit from the natural hormone support offered by our product.

Hormone health is not just about muscle growth; it extends to sexual health as well. Our Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris supports sexual health in men, addressing concerns such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido, promoting a fulfilling and confident lifestyle.

Say goodbye to suboptimal performance and hello to peak performance. When your hormone levels are in balance, your body operates at its best. Experience increased power, strength, and muscle development that goes hand in hand with improved hormone regulation.

Fatigue won't hold you back anymore. With ProteinCo's Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, you'll benefit from the potency of 46% Saponins, reducing fatigue and enhancing endurance throughout your training and competition. Enjoy consistent strength and less muscle fiber recruitment required to achieve the same work, resulting in improved overall performance.

Experience the natural power of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and take your hormone health to the next level. Unlock your true potential and achieve the physique and performance you've always desired. Try ProteinCo's Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris today and see the difference it can make in your fitness journey.

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