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Beta Alanine

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Nutritional informations

INGREDIENTS (PER 1/2 scoop 2.50 G)

Beta-Alanine 2500 MG (Unlfavoured)





  • Increased Endurance: Beta-Alanine is specifically formulated to boost endurance levels and delay fatigue during high-intensity training. By reducing the buildup of lactic acid and controlling muscle pH levels, it enables you to push harder and train longer.

  • Muscle Growth with Carnosine: Beta-Alanine contains Carnosine, a powerful amino acid that supports muscle growth. Carnosine helps stabilize pH levels in muscles, allowing you to maintain optimal energy levels and enhance overall muscle development.

  • Enhanced Performance: By improving your ability to sustain high-intensity workouts, Beta-Alanine helps increase strength gains and improve athletic performance. It allows you to perform at your best, overcome physical limitations, and excel in various sports and athletic activities.

  • Delayed Muscle Fatigue: Beta-Alanine's ability to control muscle pH levels and delay the accumulation of hydrogen ions helps combat muscle fatigue. This allows you to maintain high workloads and intensity during training, leading to greater muscular endurance and improved performance.

  • Effective for High-Intensity Training: Beta-Alanine is particularly beneficial for individuals engaged in high-intensity exercises or sports activities. Its unique formulation helps optimize workout performance, enhance stamina, increase muscle size, and improve power output.

  • Support for Muscle Hypertrophy: By reducing muscle fatigue and allowing for increased work capacity, Beta-Alanine supports the process of muscle hypertrophy. It helps you achieve maximum results from your training sessions by providing the necessary endurance and strength to stimulate muscle growth.

  • Overall Health and Wellness: Beta-Alanine contributes to your overall health and wellness by enabling you to engage in intense workouts and achieve your fitness goals. By improving endurance, promoting muscle growth, and enhancing athletic performance, it supports an active and healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine into your fitness routine to experience increased endurance, delayed fatigue, improved muscle growth, and enhanced overall performance during your workouts and athletic endeavors.

Recommended use & Warnings


½ scoop


½ scoop with 250ml of water or juice


Take between meals


Try with water or juice or your favorite beverage.



ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine is designed to be consumed before training and competition. If you desire an energy boost prior to your workout, consume a 1/2 scoop of ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine for quick results.



A – Since Lactic acid is water soluble, it is important to stay hydrated, as it is less likely it is to cause lactic acid build up. If you can try and aim to drink 16-20 ounces of water before your workout and 10 ounces every 30 minutes, this should help you reduce lactic acid from intense exercise. It is also vital to stay in good physical shape, because the less glucose you have in your body, the less lactic acid will be in your body. Another component to keep in mind is to stretch after your workout. This will help release lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness or sensations that may you be suffering from. As far as nutrition, magnesium is important to help give the body energy that is transported to the muscles. This will reduce the lactic acid buildup to ease discomfort levels. You can intake a magnesium supplement or eat products that are high in magnesium such as spinach, pinto beans, legumes, and pinto beans. Vitamin B is also important to help fuel muscles because they send glucose to the body. This helps fuel the muscles during intense workouts, which reduces lactic acid. Foods that are high in Vitamin B include cereals, peas and beans, vegetables, and protein foods such as fish, dairy products, and eggs.


A – One food that is powerful to help boost endurance is Quinoa---which has significant amounts of protein and carbohydrates. These foods contain nine essential amino acids, which is paramount to the function of the body. Quinoa is a high source of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and Potassium. You can mix this grain with any type of food---any part of the day. Another power food is Kale. This green, leafy vegetable is important boost energy and endurance. It contains Magnesium, Folate, Zinc, and Iron. Also known to bolster endurance is bananas. They contain high levels of Potassium, and they are the ideal food to consume after an endurance workout. Filled with complex Carbohydrates and Potassium, this reduces cramping, soreness, and helps to boost energy before a strenuous exercising.

Unleash Your Full Potential with ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine Powder!

Introducing ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine, the ultimate solution to overcome exercise fatigue and achieve peak performance in your training sessions. With a potent blend of 2,500 mg of Beta-Alanine, this muscle-building formula is designed to elevate your endurance levels, boost energy, and promote rapid muscle gains. Get ready to unleash your full potential and take your fitness journey to new heights!

Boost Endurance, Crush Fatigue:

Push past your limits and conquer fatigue with ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine. This powerful supplement is specifically formulated to increase energy, delay muscle fatigue, and improve overall endurance levels. By buffering the accumulation of lactic acid and stabilizing pH levels in your muscles, it allows you to sustain high-intensity workouts for longer periods, maximizing your training effectiveness.

Carnosine for Muscle Growth:

Harness the muscle-building power of Carnosine found in ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine. Carnosine is a potent amino acid that plays a key role in muscle development and recovery. By supporting optimal pH levels, Carnosine promotes muscle growth, helps repair damaged tissues, and accelerates post-workout recovery. Embrace the opportunity to sculpt a leaner, more muscular physique.

Unleash Your Strength:

ProteinCo's Beta-Alanine is your secret weapon to unlock greater strength gains. It enhances your ability to perform at peak levels.

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game changer

I take BA for an alternate reason. I have SEVERE "itching' symptoms from a rare Cancer and there is NO treatment. An athlete with same disease discovered that BA STOPPED the debilitating symptom...interesting because too much BA causes the BA itch!! I can take 1/2t in a Powerade and it stops my daily attacks...Game Changer! I will need BA for life.

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