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Whey Protein NZ

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Nutritional informations


New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein (net protein) 23 g. Cold Processed, Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM)



Maltodextrin, cocoa, xanthan gum, sucralose (30mg).


Maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan gum, sucralose (30 mg).




  • Muscle  Growth & Recovery: With its high protein
    content and essential amino acids, New Zealand Whey Protein aids in the recovery process after intense workouts, helping to repair muscle damage and reduce muscle soreness. It provides the necessary amino acids to support muscle tissue growth and repair. Our Whey protein also promotes muscle growth and helps increase muscle mass.

  • Increased Strength: By increasing fast-twitch muscle fibers, New Zealand Whey Protein enhances strength levels, allowing for greater performance in the weight room or during athletic activities. This can lead to improved physical performance and overall strength gains.
  • Weight Management: New Zealand Whey protein, can help with weight management goals. It helps control blood sugar levels, reducing the likelihood of overeating and aiding in weight loss. Its low-fat and low-calorie nature makes it a suitable option for those looking to reduce body fat while building lean muscle.
  •  Immune Support: New Zealand
    Whey Protein contains immune-boosting properties, enhancing the body's defense mechanisms. It supports the health of immune cells, helping to protect against infections and promote overall wellness.

  •  General Health Benefits:
    Incorporating New Zealand Whey Protein into your routine can have a positive impact on overall health and well-being. It provides essential nutrients and amino acids that support various bodily functions, contributing to optimal health and vitality.

Recommended use & Warnings

Recommended use or Purpose:

Source of protein for the maintenance of good health, helps build and repair body tissues. Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis. Assists in the building of lean muscle (tissue/mass) when combined with regular training and healthy balanced diet.

Recommended dose:

Adults take 1-3 serving once daily. Mix product well in 1-2 cups of liquid.


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have liver or kidney disease. If you have a milk allergy, do not use this product, some people may experience gastrointestinal disorders (such as diarrhea).




A – It is important to consume a Whey protein supplement within 30 minutes after training. By supplementing Whey protein, you are able to refuel muscle glycogen. This is absolutely important---especially if your muscle is being eaten up due to intense workouts. By replenishing low muscle glycogen, you are able to turn sugar to glycogen---which help with muscle gains and increased recovery. Also, consuming Whey protein will help slow the breakdown of muscle protein. It is important to try and limit the amount of proteins being destroyed after a long, and strenuous workout---which Whey protein does. In addition, Whey protein increases protein synthesis, which is the way cells build amino acids and make proteins---helping your build and repair muscles effectively.


A –Ricotta cheese is high in protein, and it is actually made from Whey protein. Though manufacturing companies remove ingredients such as fats, carbs, and sugars in protein shakes, Ricotta cheese contains these ingredients, and contains about 30 grams of protein. Another product that contain be substituted with Whey protein is milk. Milk contains Whey protein which quickly digests in your system, and most of this content is derived from cow’s milk. Though goat milk contains more protein, it also contains less hormones and antibiotics. Though this may be a good substitute for Whey protein, it may not suit well for individuals who are lactose intolerant. Another food that may take the place of Whey protein is yogurt. Derived from milk, this food plays a key role to improve digestion and intestinal health. Yogurt is very convenient, and you can easily take yogurt anywhere---as long as it’s refrigerated. Packed with almost 20 grams per cup, you add yogurt to your favorite smoothie or fruit.

New Zealand Whey Protein comes from the New Zealand Dairy Industry, known for its commitment to product safety and natural production. Sourced from herds in the pristine environment of New Zealand, this potent supplement offers a unique formula with exceptional taste and nutrition. It is a powerful solution that boosts energy levels and aids in quick recovery after strenuous workouts.

Powered by Whey Protein Concentrate, New Zealand Whey Protein enhances muscularity and provides a competitive edge. With 23 grams of protein per scoop, it promotes maximum muscle enhancement, making it ideal for ambitious athletes and bodybuilders seeking quality muscle gains. 

New Zealand Whey Protein is not just for athletes; it also offers numerous benefits for general health. This supplement contains the essential amino acids necessary for various bodily functions, promoting overall well-being.

It supports muscle growth and repair, helping to maintain a healthy body composition. Additionally, it assists in weight management by controlling blood sugar levels and reducing cravings.

The low-fat and low-calorie nature of Whey protein aids in reducing fat and developing lean muscle. With its ability to increase fast-twitch muscle fibers, New Zealand Whey Protein maximizes work output, resulting in increased strength and improved physical performance.

Moreover, it enhances immunity and supports a strong immune system, contributing to long-term wellness. By incorporating New Zealand Whey Protein into your daily routine, you can enjoy improved general health, vitality, and longevity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 228 reviews
Lisa Wenger
Excellent product and FAST delivery

Really happy. It can be hard to find high quality, unflavoured protein powders so I'm thrilled with this product.

Great go-to protein

High quality protein. Tastes clean, mixes easily, and most importantly, doesn’t give you gas and stomach issues.

Good product

Second time I’ve purchased this product and it continues to be good. Vanilla flavour is good to go in smoothies. Only complaint is for same price the volume was smaller than last time I bought it.

Marc Johnson
As advertised: no need for hype

A quality product that mixes well and tastes great. I've been a customer for nearly 10 years and don't plan on changing.

Great Product!

It's a really good price for a very natural and quality whey!
I like the unflavored so I can flavor it myself.

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