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Glutamine (3 for 2)

Glutamine (3 for 2) - ProteinCo

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Get 3x Glutamine for the price of only 2!
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine
  • Promotes the release of the growth hormone HGH
  • Can improve recovery and muscle growth
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Manufactured under strict cGMP procedures


  • Increases HGH release when timed properly
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Effective for increasing useful lifespan


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid meaning you shouldn’t have to consume it from external sources – normally. It becomes conditionally essential, meaning you should ingest it from additional sources, for those engaging in regular and intense exercise. ProteinCo’s Glutamine is a pure, high quality of source for glutamine to meet specific needs of athletes and those looking to improve overall health.

For maximum results, Glutamine must be taken on an empty stomach at key times during the day. This supplement is best used on a cycled on and off schedule. Following our guidelines, most every consumer will benefit greatly from supplementing with this key amino acid.



Your body produces most of your daily HGH total while you are sleeping

One of your growth hormones known as HGH is critical to muscle development among other things. You only produce about 1 teaspoon of HGH per day. Since this is such a significant contributor to protein synthesis and muscle development, you don’t want to do anything that will decrease your daily production. More importantly, for those looking to build muscle mass in particular, doing all you can to improve and increase HGH production will maximize your training results. By supplementing as directed with ProteinCo’s Glutamine, you are assuring you produce superior quantities of muscle building power.


Research indicates conclusively that the best time to take a glutamine supplement is right after you wake up. At least 2 grams should be consumed on an empty stomach at least 3 hours after eating and 1 hour before. Right after you get out of bed is ideal as long as you avoid consuming calories for about an hour afterwards. This will give you the biggest boost to your HGH production, assuring you get the maximum benefit from this supplement.

Another good time to supplement with ProteinCo’s Glutamine is either right after your workout or mixed with your recovery drink. Mixing a serving of our Glutamine with a serving of our Creatine Monohydrate can prove significant for jump starting your recovery, maximizing muscle development. Glutamine is also beneficial as a means to ward off post-workout muscle soreness. This enhances your recovery allowing you to train just as hard tomorrow as you did today.

Who should supplement with Glutamine?

You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to enjoy the benefits of our Glutamine supplement. While bodybuilders, power lifters, football and hockey players, and professional athletes are well aware of supplementing with glutamine, general consumers often don’t think it’s something they need. Those looking to lose body fat, who are recovering from an injury, suffering from an intestinal ailment, and all of us as we age, can benefit greatly from glutamine’s wide reaching and positive effects.



ProteinCo L-Glutamine is most effective for people aged 30-45. As you approach 30, it’s a good time to start supplementing with glutamine as well. Studies have shown it can be beneficial in promoting HGH growth up to about the age of 60. It’s normal for our bodies to lose ability to produce Glutamine and HGH as we age. By doing all you can to naturally delay this inevitable process, you are providing your body with a host of health benefits. Regardless of your athletic pursuits and dreams, supplementing with L-Glutamine as you approach the age of 30 and consistently thereafter, may be one of the most important things you do to preserve your health indefinitely.

Increase HGH production, reduce soreness, and speed recovery

As we stated earlier, those engaged in heavy training and exercise could be forcing Glutamine to become an essential amino acid. You are most likely deficient in this key nutrient if you train or compete on a regular basis. This results in a catabolic state, which is the opposite of what you are looking for. One of the other significant benefits for you “gym rats”, is the reduction in relational muscle soreness. ProteinCo L-Glutamine will help repair the breakdown of muscle tissue more rapidly, facilitating a speedy recovery. Along with subsequent HGH production increases, this equates to harder workouts tomorrow and maximum return on your training investment.

Gain Weight – Keeping you in positive nitrogen balance for muscle building

One positive aspect of Glutamine for those looking to gain weight and muscle mass is it’s nitrogen releasing capabilities. This can improve protein synthesis which is a state of muscle building! Coupled with nutrition specific to your goals and a targeted training routine, ProteinCo’s Glutamine supplements Canada can help make you bigger, faster and stronger.

Speed – Explosive strength from fast twitch muscle fibers

Increases in muscle mass and size are directly related to increased strength and speed. Since ATP-CP is your “explosive” energy system, it stands to reason you will be targeting the explosive, fast twitch muscle fibers by improving this system.

Lose Fat– Increased fat metabolism

Proper levels of growth hormone release throughout the day is critical for burning body fat. Consuming glutamine immediately after you get up in the morning, assists with HGH production better than any other supplement or routine. In conjunction, by avoiding alcohol consumption, especially within 3 hours of going to sleep at night, you should see substantial decreases in body fat and increased lean muscle mass.

Active Lifestyle – Slowing hormone reduction as we age

Other twists and turns life throws at us all can be recovered from more quickly with regular Glutamine supplementing. Catabolic conditions such as muscle trauma, surgery, and burns are examples of conditions where glutamine can assist. Perhaps more importantly, ProteinCo’s Glutamine can assist with normal HGH production for everyone until they are 60 or older. Being deficient in this key growth hormone is quite possibly a major contributor to many illnesses people suffer as they age. If your goal is to remain healthy and active into your later years of life, our Glutamine supplement is a must have.

Nutritional info
Supplement Facts
Serving Size – 5 g (1 teaspoon)
Servings Per Container – 100
  Amount Per Serving %DV*
L-Glutamine 5g **
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Not recommended for anyone under 18, women who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone taking prescription medications.


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information you find at ProteinCo is NOT a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use any dietary supplement as a replacement for conventional care, or as a reason to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.

Allergies and Aversions

If you have allergies to nuts, shellfish or other such serious food allergies, check the label carefully to make sure you see your particular allergen listed as being absent. We use a table to show you what is or isn’t in each product so you can decide whether it suits you regarding allergies, afflictions, lifestyle choice, etc.

We list the most common substances that pose allergy risks or that may contain an ingredient people like Vegetarians/Vegans choose not to consume. Near the supplement facts for each product, you will see the following table with Y or N showing that either Yes, this product contains this or No it doesn’t:

Product Gluten Nuts Soy Fish Animal Dairy Vegan
Glutamine N N N N N N N

Also, be sure to look at Ingredients or Other Ingredients. Substances such as Artificial Color and Flavor, Sucralose and others that aren’t in the table may be something you choose to avoid for personal reasons. If you are in doubt about whether or not our product contains an ingredient you are adverse to or that may be manufactured in a plant that does, contact ProteinCo before purchasing or consuming the product.


Assume our products AREN’T vegetarian and/or vegan unless we specifically state they are. It’s always best to verify a product meets your specific requirements before you purchase them.


Q – Should everyone take Glutamine as a supplement?

A – Anyone between the age of 18 and 60 yes. Before 18, you shouldn’t need additional Glutamine in your diet as a supplement. Past the age of 60, the benefits diminish so it’s not necessary after this age. For those over 60, regular exercise and our Cellular Energy with ALA should keep you fit and healthy. The most useful age group for glutamine supplementation is 30-45.

Q – If I can only take it once a day, what is the best time to supplement?

A – Without a doubt the best time to take Glutamine is right after you wake up in the morning. Remember to consume it on an empty stomach and refrain from eating anything for about an hour afterwards.


Q – How does it help me build muscle?

A – By assisting with growth hormone HGH production. This conditionally essential amino acid is the key to muscle development. Anything you do to reduce HGH production will diminish your body’s ability to make muscle. Getting older is one of those unavoidable HGH diminishing evils we can’t avoid. Some bodies are better at hormone production than others too. If you are the type that doesn’t seem to build muscle easily, ProteinCo’s Glutamine could completely change that for you.

Q – Can it help improve my recovery?

A – Absolutely! Taken alone or added to your recovery drink, it can make a noticeable difference in your recovery. By supplementing with Glutamine, you should notice less muscle soreness and faster recovery following every training session or competition.

Suggested use

Serving Size

5 grams (Approximately 1 teaspoon)


Mix one serving with water or add to powdered mixes

Cycling On and Off

For maximum results, cycle on for 6 weeks then off for 2 to 3 weeks before starting the next cycle. This cycle can be repeated indefinitely.


For improved recovery, mix up to one serving with Amino Recovery, or with your desired recovery drink mix. Consume immediately following exercise.


Pre Workout

One of the most desirable effects from ProteinCo’s Glutamine, is to help promote and increase the release of HGH by your body. The best time of day to do this is right after you wake from a good night’s sleep. Mix one serving in water and drink immediately upon waking in the morning. Refrain from eating food for about an hour following this dose. Do this for a 6 week on, 2 to 3 week off cycle and repeat as long as you desire.

Post Workout

Another key benefit of Glutamine, is for enhanced recovery. By consuming a serving immediately following training or competition, you should notice less muscle soreness and recovery like you have never experienced before. Adding a serving to Amino Recovery or your favorite recovery combination will be like night and day from what you have experienced previously. It truly is a noticeable improvement to the speed and quality of your recovery. This will allow you to train just as hard or harder tomorrow as you did today.


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